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Welcome to the Arse End of the Internet

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The Arse End of the Internet is a podcast (also known as a netcast) that covers everything from the ridiculous to the sublime. We work with material posted around the Internet plus your submissions and use them to talk shit. We should warn you though: if you're easily offended by excessive swearing or by off-colour humour, we're probably not the podcast for you.

When we release an episode, we will make it available for download on our Episodes page. To make things easy, you can also use our RSS so if you have a favourite popcast app, podcatcher or RSS Reader, you can use these feeds to stay up-to-date. We encourage discussion both on our Facebook page. If you have something that you think is worthy of inclusion in our next episode, don't hesitate to link us up.

We aim to get our podcasts recorded and released at least reasonably regularly, however you may need to bear with us if the schedule is sometimes "whenever we can be arsed". Producing a podcast can involve a bit of work, and sometimes it has to play second fiddle to some of life's other commitments.

As a final note, our host and cohost are based in Australia, therefore we are the Arse End of the Internet, not the Ass End of the Internet. We could have chosen to go with "Ass End", however we have decided to stick with our Australian background and stick with Australian English. That and we're not donkeys.