A podcast of the ridiculous to the sublime



Bullet PointThe Cult of the Crispy Geek: A web community run by DogWomble which is the source of a lot of our material.


Bullet PointGrass Roots Radio: One of our co-hosts, MarchPig, runs a radio show called Grass Roots radio.

Bullet Point

Stitcher: A large network of podcasts and radio shows. You can find The Arse End of the Internet on Stitcher!

Bullet PointIncompetech: A source of royalty-free music suitable for use in a wide variety of productions.. On the rare occasion we need a music track, this is the site we will likely use.

Bullet PointFreeSound: This is the source of many of the sounds used in the opening titles, including material by x-3d-gine, viertelnachvier, jadend2 and copyc4t.

Bullet PointMike Russell's YouTube Channel: If you're looking for tips and tricks on editing up your own podcast, this is a really great place to start.

Bullet PointFree CSS templates: The source of the template used for this site.

Bullet PointForgotten Australia: A site dedicated to Urban Exploration within Australai.

Bullet PointZuver: Zuver is our hosting provider.